The auctioning of Somalia petroleum resources and the ‘bid rounds’ in London conference on February 7th, 2019 was illegal, unconstitutional and it creates moral support for terrorist organizations operating in our country; it also encourages civil war between the already divided communities. Since this meeting in London, our communities are deeply divided and even more negative sentiment is at rising.

Unfortunately, in the current regime Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo is dictating the small area of 20% of the capital city controlled by the government troops. He destroyed the only small windows of democracy which have been created in the past 10 years, and he has ordered the closure of the Mogadishu city roads which ordinary people use for their daily lives.

His troops are killing and attacking anyone who disagrees with the regime; the resulting destruction, and abuse of regimes troops has been enormous. The regime has silenced the two houses of the parliament by intimidating MPs and ordering an attack against the opposition.

This regime doesn’t care about the suffering of our people in Mogadishu the only place he partially controls. The peaceful demonstration outside the London conference last week has changed the political and security landscape of the country. Spectrum and Altor Equity Partners and Somali government leader Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo must take full responsibility for the consequences.

We appeal to international communities and anyone interested in Somali to stop the return of civil war. Current Somali federal government does not have the mandatory constitutional, legal or political legitimacy to auction Somali petroleum resources to mainly Norwegian companies.

Both houses of the Somali federal parliament have not ratified the proposed petroleum law (2017) nor has it been debated properly in the cabinet. The use of an outdated law (2008) for political expediency is wrong and unacceptable. The federal member states are yet to be consulted and the Somaliland issue is yet to be resolved.

Somali Government and member states don’t agree on necessary regulatory regimes and tax systems are not in place. And the technical and legal capacity required for managing and selling Somali petroleum resources is yet to be developed. It’s too dangerous to produce while we don’t have security resource to protect our oil and gas resources and infrastructure. International troops don’t have a permanent mandate.

Our historic enemy and neighbor Ethiopia is already building up their own naval power and it’s not clear why such a landlocked country needs naval and coast guard ships. Therefore, we cannot accept another oil-based civil war and disastrous pollical failure.

Thank you all.

Contact: Xafiiska Shabakada London, UK

Email : / Tel ÷447984240403